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Admiral Dossiers for Man O' War

The following are profiles of the Admirals we use in our fleets.  Having different Admiral characters can expand the scope of Man O' War, by giving the players a roleplay function as well.  It certainly can be interesting if you have an extremely aggressive, die-hard Admiral in command of a small fleet against hopeless odds, with the enemy commanded by a coward!

Chaos Dwarf Admiral: Arkragg Mingol the Damned

Arkragg Mingol the Damned's Warfleet (Chaos Dwarf Fleet)

Bretonnian Admiral: Caldel Richelieu

Admiral Richelieu rose to prominance in the Bretonnian Navy from his successes against Pirates raiding the merchant shipping lanes.  He is a courageous and bold leader, who is prepared to take risks to get the job done.

Tactics:  Uses Galleons in formation with Corsairs to surround an enemy and maximise firepower.

Bonus: +1 to Initiative roll against any fleet containing Pirates

Caldel Richelieu's Warfleet (Bretonnian Fleet)

High Elf Admiral: Eldril Silvermoon

Eldril Silvermoon's Interceptor Battle Group (High Elf Fleet)

Orc Warboss: Gernut Slygit

Gernut Slygit's Pile of Ships (Orc/Pirate Fleet)

Chaos Lord: Champion of Khorne - Kahn Iceblood

Kahn Iceblood - Reaper of Soul's Fleet (Khorne Fleet)

Imperial Admiral: Karl Roschmann

Karl Roschmann's Imperial Armada (Empire Fleet)

Norse Warlord: Olaf Cedricsson

Olaf Cedricsson/Kreml Grimfjord's Mercenaries (Norse Raiders)

Norse Warlord: Kreml Grimfjord

Olaf Cedricsson/Kreml Grimfjord's Mercenaries (Norse Raiders)

Chaos Lord: Champion of Slaanesh - Saardis Vaarn

Saardis Vaarn's Fleet of Perversion (Slaanesh Fleet)

Dark Elf Admiral: Sindryn Blackrush

Sindryn Blackrush's Tide of Darkness (Dark Elf Fleet)

Dwarf Admiral: Mungen Cragfist

Mungen Cragfist's Dwarf Armada (Dwarf Fleet)

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