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Monty -- Man O' War is a game of naval warfare in the Warhammer Fantasy World.  My friends and I maintain a majority of the fleets available in the game, and our fleets are detailed in the following pages, along with our findings from a number of tactical uses.

Man O' War Fleets of the High Seas

Arkragg Mingol the Damned's Warfleet (Chaos Dwarf Fleet)

Caldel Richelieu's Warfleet (Bretonnian Fleet)

Eldril Silvermoon's Interceptor Battle Group (High Elf Fleet)

Gernut Slygit's Pile of Ships (Orc/Pirate Fleet)

Kahn Iceblood - Reaper of Soul's Fleet (Khorne Fleet)

Karl Roschmann's Imperial Armada (Empire Fleet)

Olaf Cedricsson/Kreml Grimfjord's Mercenaries (Norse Raiders)

Saardis Vaarn's Fleet of Perversion (Slaanesh Fleet)

Sindryn Blackrush's Tide of Darkness (Dark Elf Fleet)

Mungen Cragfist's Dwarf Armada (Dwarf Fleet)

Nyevennay -- I had the idea that we should introduce some of our own additions and adaptations to Man O' War, then they grew and grew.  Then we also constructed 3D terrain, as well as that we have our own Admiral dossiers.  Enjoy!

Man O' War Additions and Adaptations

Man O' War Scenarios

Man O' War Stories

Man O' War Admiral Dossiers

Man O' War Rules Summary