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Kahn Iceblood - Reaper of Soul's Fleet

Khorne Fleet

A vastly powerful and extremely deadly Chaos Power, Khorne is the God of Blood and the ships of the Khorne fleet show their allegiance well.  These ships have powerful crews and the ships themselves are of solid construction.

Total Points:  750



Caldel Richelieu's Warfleet (Bretonnian Fleet)

Eldril Silvermoon's Interceptor Battle Group (High Elf Fleet)

Gernut Slygit's Pile of Ships (Orc/Pirate Fleet)

Karl Roschmann's Imperial Armada (Empire Fleet)

Kreml Grimfjord's Mercenaries (Norse Raiders)

Sindryn Blackrush's Tide of Darkness (Dark Elf Fleet)

Mungen Cragfist's Dwarf Armada (Dwarf Fleet)

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