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The Bloodthirster is the most powerful of all Chaos Daemons and the most mighty of the Blood God's warriors It is impossible to describe the true horror of these daemons, for their appearance is enough to drive a rational man beyond the brink of insanity. Their presence radiates sheer terror, their body exudes the stink of death, and their eyes carry the promise of cold execution.

Few who have seen a Bloodthirster have lived to tell the tale. Those who have confronted the terror and lived will recall an overwhelming impression of size and steaming energy, of glowing brass armour and blood-stained fur, and teeth like murderous blades. In is talons the Bloodthisrter carries an axe that drips with blood and a long lashed tipped with cruel barbs of fire.


The Bloodthirster does not have any ranged attacks but in close combat and boarding actions it psyches itself up into a rage and the Bloodthirster may attack up to four different ships, sea monsters or flyers that are within 2 inches. When the Bloodthirster attempts to attack, roll a dice and consult this table:


The Bloodthirster is disoriented; no attacks.
2-3 The Bloodthirster attacks normally; attacks the closest enemy target.
4-5 The Bloodthirster enrages himself; attacks the two closest enemy targets.


The Bloodthirster goes psychotic; attacks the four closest targets (friend or foe).


A Bloodthirster gets 1 dice +5 in boarding actions and close combat, as it has 5 wounds.

At the start of the boarding action of close combat, roll 1 dice; on a roll of 4, 5 or 6 the crew is too terrified of the Bloodthirster to initiate an attack, and cannot use defensive fire.

The Bloodthirster may use his axe as a defensive attack; 1 dice.

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