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Slaanesh is the Lord of Pleasure whose mere image evokes ecstasy in an unguarded mind. The Keeper of Secrets is held in especial horror by the non-chaotic fleets because of the sensual temptations its presence arouses. Few who have encountered this daemon can describe the shame of their desire, nor the lust for blood which overcomes their rational senses.

The Keeper of Secrets is bedecked with gorgeous jewels, and delicate coloured silks overlay its hideous form. Its long chitinous claws are at the same time delicate and deadly, graceful but hideously destructive. The daemons head is gross an bestial, horned and fanged in perverse contrast with the seductive aura it exudes.


The Keeper of Secrets is bejeweled with gems and illustrious sliks in such vivid colours that any crew that stare onto the Keeper of Secrets may become entranced and therefore unable to move or attack for one turn. When the Keeper of Secrets tries to use this attack roll a dice and consult this table:

Close (0-3")

4, 5 or 6

Med (3-6")

5 or 6

Long (6-9")



A Keeper of Secrets gets 1 dice +5 in boarding actions and close combat, as it has 5 wounds.

At the start of the boarding action of close combat, roll 1 dice for each enemy model; on a roll of 5 or 6 it is entranced and attacks the loyal crew. All entranced crew fight the remaining loyal crew. 1D + entranced crew against 1D + loyal crew, its a fight to the death. If the entranced crew win, the ship is captured but may not be scuttled as the crew are too frantic. If the entranced crew lose the boarding action goes on as normal.

The Keeper of Secrets may use his claws as a defensive attack; 1 dice.

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