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Chaos Daemon Flyers

Daemons are the most dangeous of all Chaos creatures, they are not creatures of our world - they are creatures of Chaos, warp entities whose bodies are fashoned from raw power. When they enter our world, they take on a definite form, but  they continue to draw their power from the energies of the warp to manifest themselves. Please be aware that these rules are -UNDER REVIEW- as they have been far too overpowered since they were created. They will be changing in the near future.

Chaos Khorne Fleet: Bloodthirster

Chaos Slaanesh Fleet: Keeper of Secrets

Chaos Nurgle Fleet: Great Unclean One

Chaos Tzeentch Fleet: Lord of Change

Additions & Adaptations to Man O' War

Merchant Ships

Sea Fiends of Slaanesh

Rogue Dragon Rider Mercenaries

Dwarf Overlord Airship

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